The unknown things on GTA3 radio


The unknown things on GTA3 radio

GTA3 has a total of 9 stations with 56 songs, among which 55 are new songs, and one is Da Shootaz – Grand Theft Auto, which was the theme song of the first GTA generation.文章源自GTA资源网-GTABBS-GTA游戏下载-

Most of the copyrighted songs of the game were released in 2000, with a total of 11 songs.文章源自GTA资源网-GTABBS-GTA游戏下载-

Starting from the 3rd generation, Rockstar began to greatly increase the purchase and use of the copyright of the songs that have been released on the market, but unlike the next VC, the third generation of original songs still accounted for a large proportion.文章源自GTA资源网-GTABBS-GTA游戏下载-

Chatterbox FM, the first talk radio station in the 3rd generation, is also the first talk radio station in the GTA series.文章源自GTA资源网-GTABBS-GTA游戏下载-

In the GTA series, there are three stations across the world, namely Head Radio, WCTR, Radio Los Santos.文章源自GTA资源网-GTABBS-GTA游戏下载-

Rockstar put two original song stations (Head Radio, Lips 106) 3rd generation and LCS version songs on iTunes.文章源自GTA资源网-GTABBS-GTA游戏下载-

In Head Radio, the band Conor & Jay of "Change" also sang the song "Vegas Road" on GTA2 radio.文章源自GTA资源网-GTABBS-GTA游戏下载-

On Double Clef FM radio, host Morgan Merryweather said: "There are a lot of songs from the 1760s..." (Now, more hits from the '60s... 1760s that is...), but there are no songs on the radio. Songs from the 1760s.文章源自GTA资源网-GTABBS-GTA游戏下载-

The oldest songs in the GTA series are from Dounble Clef FM. One is "Non più andrai farfallone amoroso" by Mozart of the third generation, and the other is "Overture" by LCS Mozart. The two capitals are from the 1786 opera "Fega". Luo's Wedding.文章源自GTA资源网-GTABBS-GTA游戏下载-

K-Jah’s 5 songs are from the same album "Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires" by the singer Scientist.文章源自GTA资源网-GTABBS-GTA游戏下载-

In the third generation, K-Jah was actually called Jah Radio, but the radio DJ was still pronounced K-Jah. This was a developer's fault.文章源自GTA资源网-GTABBS-GTA游戏下载-

The host of K-Jah, Horace Walsh, said on the radio that the radio's frequency band is 103.文章源自GTA资源网-GTABBS-GTA游戏下载-

K-Jah Radio is the favorite radio station of the Yedi Gang in Shangcheng. It is said that the radio station may belong to the gang.文章源自GTA资源网-GTABBS-GTA游戏下载-

The host of K-Jah West in SA referred to the K-Jah radio station in Liberty City as K-Jah East.文章源自GTA资源网-GTABBS-GTA游戏下载-

Rise FM seemed to have been ignored when the official refinishing the radio for the PC version, because the quality of other radio stations was significantly higher than that of Rise FM.文章源自GTA资源网-GTABBS-GTA游戏下载-

Rise FM is the favorite radio station of the Colombian Gang.文章源自GTA资源网-GTABBS-GTA游戏下载-

A quick preview of the song played at the beginning of Lips 106 radio station:文章源自GTA资源网-GTABBS-GTA游戏下载-

The opening music is based on the song "God Bless All the Universe" by Rev. Rooney & The Rocksta Choir, which is from GTA2.文章源自GTA资源网-GTABBS-GTA游戏下载-

After the short play of "Bump To The Music", a short play of Marydancin's "Wash Him Off" was deleted in the final version, but it was released on the original soundtrack of iTunes. This song is only about 1 minute, and the composition of the song is similar to Madonna's song "Holiday".文章源自GTA资源网-GTABBS-GTA游戏下载-

The last short broadcast is Debbie Harry's "Rush Rush". This song is the original soundtrack of the movie "Scarface". It was not played on Lips 106, but on Flashback FM.文章源自GTA资源网-GTABBS-GTA游戏下载-

In Lips 106, after the first song "Bump To The Music" was played, the radio broadcasted a piece of news about Carcer City and the corrupt police chief. The host Andee also said that Carcer City is near Liberty City. (Carcer City is the background city of another Rockstar game, Grand Theft Devil)

In the third-generation test version, MSX FM is called Moving Shadow Radio. The MSX station name comes from the catalog number of the 2000 album Moving Shadow. M, S, X are the representative letters of each page. The MSX radio logo is taken from the cover of MSX00.1 10th Anniversary Special Edition.

Another Rockstar game "Wangan Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition" contains three MSX songs "Renegade Snares", "The Helicopter Tune" and "Spectre"

On MSX FM radio, you can often hear the host MC Codebreaker read a series of phone numbers. That phone number is the actual phone number of MC Codebreaker himself at that time, and the number is from the United Kingdom. It doesn't belong to him now.

The Flashback 95.6 radio station is completely fictitious, because in the United States, the decimal point of the radio frequency band can only be an odd number.

Flashback 95.6 songs are all from the 1983 movie "Scarface", and the songs are from Giorgio Moroder. The film has a great influence on the GTA series.

When the Flashback 95.6 radio song "Shake It Up" was played, the host Toni mentioned the Duran Duran band, but this part was muted, and the un muted version can be heard on the GTA3 official website.

Three stations have been removed from the official version, namely Liberty FM, WLLC The Zone 34.9 FM, and Liberty Soul FM.